Best ways to induce miscarriage naturally


The most beautiful moment in a female’s life is when she comes to know she carries a baby. It is doubtlessly a beautiful period in a woman’s life, but at the same time, there are also many health hazards that she has to face. Some women face a problem while going through pregnancy and hence they like to have a miscarriage. The miscarriage is nothing but abortion of the baby naturally, and there are many reasons behind it. It can be due to the poor immune system, internal health of the woman or even a few of the external factors. In case of an unwanted pregnancy, one can induce the abortion of the fetus with some of the home remedies also. There are surgical methods for miscarriage, but those are painful and stressful. One can induce miscarriage naturally to avoid the pain. Here are a few of such options provided that one can go for.

Rigorous exercise

If one wants to induce miscarriage naturally, then the first advice considered is undertaking rigorous exercise sessions. While a woman is pregnant, the blood is in a weak state because her uterus keeps growing and the body tries to maintain the health and tries to keep the fetus in a healthy state. Lifting heavy items is a well-known way to induce miscarriage naturally. Doctors recommend not to lift heavy weights during pregnancy, so a female has to undertake intense exercise sessions to have a miscarriage.


Longan is delicious and has a superb smell. Pregnant women who consume longan can have a miscarriage naturally. Pregnant females always feel temperature inside their body increasing, and most of the time they experience constipation. If a woman consumes longans, then the internal temperature of her body raises which results in fetal derangements. It can also cause bleeding inside the uterus and might damage the uterus thereby inducing a natural miscarriage.


Camellia is another food to consume which can cause miscarriage. It has both sweet and sour taste and is more preferred by the woman going through regular morning sickness. When consumed this fruit excites the uterus and leads to premature birth or a natural miscarriage.


Cheese can also be consumed to induce a natural miscarriage. It has been deduced from the researches that cheese contains several compounds which can cause natural miscarriage. It should be known by the female that cheese can cause miscarriage if consumed in higher proportions.


Several types of research state that caffeine has the ability to induce a miscarriage. It has to be known that consuming 200mg of caffeine in a day which is equivalent to a cup of coffee or two can induce a miscarriage. Most people know that coffee contains caffeine in a higher amount. Consuming black coffee might be helpful to induce a miscarriage as it contains higher proportions of caffeine.

Vitamin C

Many females believe that increasing the vitamin C intake induces a miscarriage. This is because the increase in vitamin C forces the menstrual cycle of a woman and thereby expels the fetus from the body. It is advised to take 6000mg of vitamin C to induce miscarriage naturally.