The Personal Devastation of Hair Loss


Hair Loss in Men Featured ImageFor any man or woman suffering from hair loss, finding an effective treatment is like the search for the Holy Grail. Any type of hair loss can seriously affect the way a person feels about himself or herself, making him or her feel embarrassed and socially awkward. For many people, losing their hair represents a decline into a phase of their life where they often wonder what happened to their youth and vigour. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why Do People Lose Their Hair?

We often associated hair loss with older men but the truth is that plenty of women also face hair loss, whether full or partial. Certain types of hair loss conditions, such as male pattern baldness, may be much more common in men but the fact is that hair loss affects both sexes for a variety of different reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Chemicals: Every type of harsh chemical that we put into our hair damages the hair and the hair follicles. Some are worse than others and it is always a good idea to invest in good-quality hair products if they are needed. Women will often find that colouring their hair and exposing it to heat and a variety of chemicals will turn their hair brittle and damage it over time.
  • Medical Treatments: Those suffering with cancer and receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy commonly suffer from hair loss. It is, sadly, one side effect of the treatment.
  • Alopecia: This condition affects both men and women, though men suffer far more often, and results in a typical hair loss pattern that often looks like a horseshoe when viewed from above.
  • Postpartum: Some women may also suffer from partial hair loss after they have given birth.

Unfortunately, many people who do lose their hair face the prospect of feeling very self-conscious. This can have a big impact on their careers and their social lives. Having said all of this, there is an effective hair loss treatment in Singapore that can help in certain types of hair loss.

Treating and Preventing Hair Loss

Some people choose to go down the road of hair loss treatment that involves surgery. This can be both expensive and painful, especially during the recovery period. Furthermore, the results of surgery are not always what one expects.

Given that our hair is composed mostly of protein, it makes sense that an effective hair loss treatment should replenish these damaged or lost proteins. This approach includes a full evaluation of the current state of the hair loss and the reasons for it, followed by a deep scalp cleansing and then an application of raw proteins suspended in a scented shampoo formulation that is absorbed into the hair.

During this process, the scalp and pores are not only given a deep clean but the hair itself is treated. Natural proteins are replaced, helping to repair brittle and damaged hair and reverse or prevent certain types of hair loss.