Can You Stand Up Straight?


When your back is in severe pain, you may have trouble standing up straight. In fact, some people with a bad back may walk stooped over until they see a back specialist. Hopefully, you can see a back specialist before that time.

Types of Therapeutics

A number of techniques are used to make sure that patients’ back pains are addressed. Count on expert back pain treatment in Blackpool in the form of the following:

  • Slipped disc treatment. A slipped disc is known as a herniated disc. It occurs when one of the vertebral discs are damaged. When the disc is damaged, it starts to press on the nerves. Therefore, this form of therapy may include deep tissue massage, joint manipulation, soft tissue release, electrophysiologic therapy, or muscle energy methods.
  • Customised therapeutics. Various treatments are used to relax the back or relieve sciatica. Whether you are suffering from joint stiffness or muscular pain, it often is associated with a misalignment of the vertebrae. There back pain therapy is individualised in response to a patient’s specific needs.

Conditions that Affect the Back

Sometimes back pain symptoms are not the result of injury, but are related to another medical condition. This condition may be arthritis, Parkinson’s, or an injured tendon. Therefore, before any back therapy is executed, the patient’s overall medical history must be assessed. A precise document is needed to accurately assess a problem.

By going to a doctor that provides a full range of therapies, you can be assured that your back pain will be diagnosed and treated properly. Look at your options today online, and schedule a medical appointment post-haste.