What is Holistic Addiction Treatment


There are many different ways to treat addiction and some of the newest treatments include non-medical recovery methods, including holistic treatments. Treating addition holistically focuses on treating an individual’s total well-being, including mind, body and spirit as well as the issue at hand whether it be alcohol or drugs or other negative actions.


Holistic recovery programs are developed using alternative treatments and without the use of drugs, which is often the source of the addiction issue. In order for these programs to be effective, they often utilize physical and emotional procedures to not only reduce the discomfort of coming off the drug but also to increase the success of the program and encourage long-term health. That’s why you may find this type of treatment plan helpful, because in most cases it is learning new healthy behaviors to replace the deadly addiction.

Holistic Therapy Goals:

If you decide to seek holistic addiction treatments, the obvious goal is to stop the drug and alcohol use and find healthy ways to reduce the appeal of the drug/alcohol. There are other key learnings that actions that will help you gain the strength to turn down the drugs and alcohol and learn to live a healthy life for the long term.

Treating addiction holistically will help you:

  • Identify underlying causes for the addition
  • Learn to resist cravings and reduce triggers
  • Promote self-confidence
  • Set and meet daily goals
  • Promote emotional and physical fitness

Holistic Recovery Options:

There are many different facets utilized in treading addiction holistically to promote a healthy lifestyle. Some common therapies include:

  • Meditation: Meditation has been used by many cultures as a way to gain focus and clarity. Many activities use meditation in a physical way, like yoga and tai chi.
  • Nutrition: If you start on a healthy nutrition plan, you are keeping your body healthy, making it easier to overcome the addiction.
  • Talk therapy and counseling: Many find that being able to talk about their problems with addiction can help them come to terms with their issues and help them find ways to become stronger with the help of a trusted advisor.
  • Massage therapy and acupuncture: Both massage and acupuncture techniques relax the body and reduce stress, both important to keeping the body healthy and restores balance in the body following substance abuse.
  • Exercise therapy: Keeping your body active not only relieves stress and strengthens your body, but the variety of activities will keep your mind off the addition. Some holistic exercises and activities include yoga, stretching tai chi, horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing and running.
  • Art therapy: Finding a new creative calling through the arts can provide a much-needed outlet for those struggling with addiction.
  • Therapy pets: Pets can bring new meaning to your life, especially for those that haven’t had pets before. Pet therapy can give a previous abuser a reason to stay on track as another being needs them.

It’s Never Too Late:

One thing you must always remember, it’s never too late to turn your life around by treating addiction holistically. Even those that have suffered from long term addictions, can find the answer to good health by finding the right detox and rehabilitation program.