Five fruits for to chill the heat of Summer!


Summer is just right around the corner and beating the heat can be a great challenge. One of the best and most healthy ways to escape from the scorching heat is to indulge yourself in some exotic and seasonal fruits. Fruits are a rich source of nutrients and intake of at least one or two types of fruits each day can help you stay fit and energetic all summer. This season, make sure to have a large variety of fruits in your fruit baskets.

Some of the fruits you would not want to miss this summer are-

  • Watermelon – No summer is complete without eating loads of watermelons. 90% of the fruit consists of water, which is of great necessity during summers. You will be hydrated for a long time after eating one helping of the fruit. It is also a fruit that helps you in staying fit since it contains as less as 30 calories for each 100 grams of the fruit. It is also rich in vitamin A which plays an important role in the health of your eyes.
  • Mangoes – The king of all fruits, mango is definitely a favourite among all the seasonal fruits. The juicy and sweet fruit is available mostly during summers, and hence, it makes its way straight into the list. Mangoes are, however, rich in calories, but who cares when they are so tasty! Unlike the belief, mangoes do help you burn the fat. There are several types in mangoes and you can pick the one that suits your taste.
  • Berries – These colourful and yummy fruits can turn a dull desert in to a delicious one. Add them into your salads, desserts, tarts or whip up a juice or milkshake. You can also just eat them raw. Berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They contain only 57 calories for 100g. Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries… choose your favourite.
  • Citrus fruits – When you have your fruit baskets delivered, do not forget to ask for oranges. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and sweet limes. They provide vitamin C, which is a highly essential nutrient for your wellness. Citrus fruits can be squeezed in to fresh juices, made in to smoothies or can be eaten raw. You intake only 47 calories from 100g of oranges.
  • Pineapple – Along with tasting like heaven, this seasonal fruit also has many health benefits. It contains a protein digesting enzyme called bromelain that helps in inflammation. Pineapple also contains many vitamins and minerals. It’s the best fruit to add into juices, smoothies, mocktails and cocktails.

Besides these fruits, there are many other seasonal fruits that can be a treat to taste buds during summers. Most of the fruits are highly rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. They help you stay cool, fit and energetic through the day in this hot climate. Apples, guavas, tomatoes, peaches, kiwis, grapes, pears, bananas and papayas- indulge yourself in healthy fruits this summer and stay fit. If you can make a salad with three or more types of fruits, it will be fantastic.