Tips To Choose The Best Protein Powder For Yourself

Protein Powder

One of the best ways to help your body get the nourishment is through protein powders. People take them for a number of reasons like to improve sports performance, to lose weight, to build muscles as well as for overall development.

So, how do you know which protein powder you should use for your health goals? You must understand the difference between different protein powders and how they are better compared to whole food protein sources.

Protein powder Vs whole food: The daily protein requirement of your body can be met by either taking protein shakes or by consuming whole foods. Protein shake contains lesser nutrients compared to whole foods and so they can be best when you are planning to lose weight but when it comes to nutrition, whole foods are best.

Different types of proteins and their uses:

Whey protein: Whey protein is the very common form of protein and many people consume it on a day-to-day basis. It is easy to digest and contains the amino acids that are essential for the body. It decreases stress level and helps to increase energy levels. Whey concentrates and isolates are best for consumption after the workout. You can get whey protein at a comparatively lesser price by going for My Protein discount voucher.

Soy protein: It is another common form of protein consumed by people. It helps to control high cholesterol level and help solve menopause problems. It builds bone mass and thus solves the problem of osteoporosis.

Other types of proteins are:

Egg protein: This type is absorbed slowly compared to whey protein and can be taken throughout the day.

Milk protein: Helps in muscle growth and improves immune function.

Rice protein: It is gluten free and plant based protein. This can be consumed by vegetarians or by people who does not consume dairy products.

Pea protein: This is economical and easily digestible.

Hemp protein: It is also a plant based protein source which contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

How to choose the right protein powder?

With a number of choices out there, it becomes difficult to decide the right protein powder for you. So here I have shared some guidelines that will help you to choose the protein based on its outcomes.

Build muscles– It is better to choose a protein powder with more biological value if you want to grow muscles. Whey isolates and whey proteins are your best bets.

Lose weight– If you are concentrating on weight lose, better don’t go for shakes that have sugar or maltodextrins/dextrins. You should also avoid powders with branched amino acids as they are helpful in weight gain.

Stay vegetarian– If you are a vegetarian looking for some vegan options, then don’t go for protein shakes based on milk protein, instead opt for plant proteins.

Low sugar for diabetes– If you are suffering from diabetes you need to have protein shakes that do not have added sugar. You can even look for shakes that are low in carbohydrates.

Low protein for kidney diseases– People who have kidney diseases have intolerance towards high protein content. So you need to have protein shakes that have low protein content.

Avoid gastrointestinal issues– If you have lactose intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome, then you should opt for shakes that do not have lactose or dextrin/maltodextrin or added sweeteners. In case of gluten sensitivity, you should opt for gluten free shakes.

Go with the budget– If you want to save money buy protein powders instead of ready to drink shakes, as the latter is costly.

Protein shakes have different tastes depending on the ingredient used in it. Fillers and flavours designed by scientists are added to it to get the desired taste. You can even make your shake in milk to get the creamier texture.