How Massage Therapy Will Change Your Life


[1]Massage therapy and any other holistic medical practices have always been seen as ridiculous or almost taboo by the general population for almost as long as it has been practiced. However, critics have never fully delved into the practice or experienced it for themselves and therefore cannot understand the benefits to it. The popularity of massage therapy has gone up considerably, twenty percent more massages have been performed in the last several years. According to the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, there are more than 250 differing styles of massage therapy with different benefits depending on the patient’s problem. The general definition of massage therapy is the manipulation of muscular structure, ligaments and other things such as body tissue.


How Can It Change My Life?

[2]There are many benefits to massage therapy. It is an amazing continuous solution to lower back pain. If you suffer from scoliosis or any other spinal injury that causes unrelenting back ache, massage therapists will ease the tension or knots within the muscle. This will relax the body and almost eradicate the pain for a length of time. While the deep intensity of the massage may be painful during and briefly after, it will lessen the pain in the long term. To get rid of the pain permanently you should see a physiotherapist as well.

Another great benefit to massage therapy is that it reduces bone based diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain and bursitis. 35 percent of massage therapy clients and patients go to therapists about problems such as those as massages have been found to be effective to relax muscles. It is reported that most symptoms disappear or lesson after only a month. While this condition will never completely go away, it will definitely make life easier and more enjoyable for you.

It helps to stabilise hormones and regulate diabetes. Massage therapy is being used to reduce the inflammatory symptoms in the muscles that present themselves with diabetes. Even other therapies like yoga and hydrotherapy can help which do not run the risk of side effects like medication does. Massage therapy has actually been recommended for diabetes for over a century now as it helps with relaxation, nerve damagewhile preventing emotional eating and helps to ensure the correct use of the patient’s insulin. So, if you do suffer from diabetes or hormonal imbalances, massage therapy will most certainly be a possible advantage for you.

A little lesser known fact about massage therapy is that it can actually help with addictions like smoking. New research shows the relaxation reduces cravings and the anxiety related to addictions. People have reported smoking less cigarettes per day and generally feeling healthier and more relaxed. Long-time smokers who have been struggling to quit should look into massage therapy as a solution if they find nothing else has worked for them thus far.

Massage therapy is so effective in so many ways and can definitely change your life.