Your Window to the World


We need our eyes to explore and take in the world around us. They guide us through us life, making up to 80 percent of our sensory memory. We take in so much from our lives through our eyes, and when they face complications, it is up to us to seek out the best possible medical treatments for them.

Retina Specialists

The retina of the eye controls how we perceive light. It is located in the at the back of the eye, serving a pivotal role in how we few color, shapes, and the environment around us. Vitreoretinal retinal physicians and surgeons specialize in caring for the health and upkeep of the retina of the eyes.Specialized physicians and surgeonstreat a variety of conditions relating to the retina in both adult and pediatric patients. Using a variety of tools to treat the delicate tissue around the retina, a vitreoretinal physician or surgeon may treat patients who might suffer trauma to the eyes or hereditary conditions.

Heal Your Eyes

A retina care doctor performs a variety of tasks to maintain the health of patients’ eyes. AtRetina Care Consultants, P.A., Dr. Thomas Shane and his staff provide optimal care while providing the best patient experience possible. While maintaining a courteous and respectful environment where patients feel at their most comfortable, Dr. Shane continues to use cutting-edge technology to help patients’ see the world better.

Restore Your Vision

A common concern among many of Dr. Shane’s patients is age-related macular degeneration. This chronic condition is the leading cause of vision loss in patients 50 years of age and over. A common of symptom of macular degeneration may be blurring or distortion of vision without any pain. A variety of factors may cause macular degeneration, including a family history or smoking. Patients who suspect they might be experiencing macular degeneration should make an appointment with their ophthalmologist, who may then refer them to a vitreoretinal doctor. At Retina Care Consultants, P.A., Dr. Shane and his staff are highly experienced in managing and treating the effects of macular degeneration.

Cutting Edge Technology

A variety of treatments for conditions of the retina are now being treated by retinal lasers, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal tear and retinal detachments. In many cases, a laser procedure for the eyes might only be minimally uncomfortable at most. Most laser procedures are performed in the clinic as an outpatient procedure with a topical anesthesia being applied prior to the procedure. During laser retinal conditions, the risk of complications is very low. At times, patients may benefit from multiple treatments from retinal lasers. Dr. Shane and the staff at Retina Care Consultants, P.A. are specialized in retinal laser procedures in a comfortable and professional environment.

See the World

Do not continue to suffer from the effects of deteriorating vision. Treatments from a specialized retina care doctor are efficient, life-changing and covered by many forms of insurance. It’s time to better see the world.