How to Improve Your Memory and Boost Your Brain Power Using These Techniques


Temporary memory loss if detected early can be reversed using methodical techniques. Cognitive ability and reasoning can also be enhanced using them. When a person experiences short term memory loss, simple reminders are needed.

Sometimes, you can go to a place and forget why you went there in the first place. Growing older can also lead to memory loss, but the fact is that, at any age memory can be sharpened. When physical health is good, the vitality of the brain increases too.

Scientists have proved that memory problems related to old age are a myth. Just like muscles need a work out, the brain is an organ that also needs workout. Always learning something new keeps the mind fresh. This is a simple technique to get started with.

Keep learning all your life and eat healthy, here’s why

  • There is a reason why people say keep learning all your life, it keeps the brain alive
  • Learn activities that are new to your brain and something that it is not used to
  • Solving puzzles, learning a new musical instrument, needs one to use their memory
  • Start at easy level and work up on difficulty levels as this enhances the capabilities of mind
  • Eat foods that improve the cognition of brain and keep it healthy
  • Omega3fatty acids and foods rich in antioxidants are good for memory retention
  • Dairy products and red meat contain saturated fat that is not good for the brain
  • Dehydration can lead to confusion in the mind, so drink a lot of water every day
  • Lack of good sleep too can affect memory and brain functioning, so get 8 hours sleep
  • Physical exercise of any choice is always said to improve memory
  • Focus only on one task at a time instead of multi tasking, this keeps the mind sharp
  • If none of this works, visit a professional

Things to avoid that prevent memory problems

Stress is a psychological factor. If you do not look into stress trigger factors and do away with them, it could lead to serious memory problems. Deal with your stress head on! Chronic stress is a bad enemy of the brain as it could lead to a variety of psychological disorders. Eventually, it will affect the normal functioning of memory.

By keeping your expectations realistic, and taking much needed breaks daily, you can keep stress in check. When your problem is solved, your mind will be fresh, focus will be crisp, and memory will get sharpened.

Apart from these memory improvement tips, you should avoid pointless thinking to protect your brain power from getting depleted. Avoid negative and toxic people, laugh and have more fun as it keeps your mind happy. A happy mind cannot catch memory problems.


These are simple techniques, changes in attitude, and lifestyle that can greatly improve memory and act as a booster to the mind. Anyone at any age can use these tips and refuel their mental energy.