Things You Should Know About Workout Equipment


Setting up a training gym is a big endeavour, particularly among today’s competitive health and nutrition industry.  CrossFit is among the most popular workout concepts these days, and new gyms continue to pop up everywhere.  Setting up these gyms may be somewhat easier than a traditional gym, though, thanks to new functional workout rigs by platinum rig that help to simplify the equipment and maximize space.


Platinum Rig offers several central rig configurations, designed to occupy central space. These typically provide space for squats, pull ups and ring dips.  Of course, the amount of space—and number of workouts—depends on the size of the rig.

  • Central rig 24/6: 24′ x 6′ x 10’6” with six squat stations, eight wall ball spots, and 14 (+10) pull up stations
  • Central rig 28/6: 28′ x 6′ x 9′ with 14 (+10) pull up bars and 8 squat positions
  • Central rig 28/15: 28′ x 9’6” x 15′ with six areas for a rope climb or Olympic rings as well as six spots devoted to squat and 12 pull up bars
  • Central rig 32/8: 32′ x 10′ x 8’6” with 8 Olympic bar mounts available for squat or bench positions; 16 (+12) pull up bars and 8 squat positions
  • Central rig 28/12/6: 28′ x 5′ x 12′ with four “muscle up” stations, 8 squat stations with Olympic bars, and the option to make 24 pull up locations


Of course, not every gym is the same; and sometimes you want a rig for your home or garage. This can be a great way to save money and/or time over having to always attend a new session every day. Besides, if you are serious about your health—maybe you are a competitive athlete—it is not a bad idea to improve access to your workouts by installing a rig at home.

Either way, here are a few alternative rigs that are also available.

  • Wall rig 38/4: 38′ x 9′ x 51′ mounts along the wall, with 10 pull up bars (with room to swing) and 5 squat positions.
  • Hybrid L rig: customized rigs that can add mounted ropes, two squat areas, four pull up bars, a cargo net, irregular monkey bars, muscle up rings, and twice the section of obstacle course design.