How to Properly Treat Head Lice


No matter how much you prevent and try not to get head lice or nits, chances are you can still get them! We all know that getting lice is common won’t come off after using tons of products. There are very high chances that of you or your child getting head lice even by a single meet up with the affected person. They are found worldwide and are common in school-aged children.



Head lice are tiny blood sucking insects that live in your hair and lay eggs (nits). They feed on human blood, and they do need warmth for their eggs to hatch that is near our scalp. Head lice is not a disease, they are harmless and can be gotten rid of in a day or two if treated carefully and by the right products. The only problem is their bites which are very itchy, and our scalp can be infected if scratched continuously. (check this for the best anti-lice products).


Children, from the age of 3-11 when they in pre-school or middle-school are mostly affected by it. Why? Because children at that age are carefree and they don’t worry a bit about having lice. They play together; have sleepovers and all that good stuff, but the down part of being so close together is the risk of getting head lice.

Lice are super contagious and can jump or migrate from one head to another in a matter of seconds. We have to be extra conscious about it and as kids- they don’t worry about getting head lice, but their mothers do. Spotting those tiny creatures crawling on your child’s head is enough to make a parent panic and get them run to the store in seconds!


Head lice will not go away on their own. They cannot be shaken off or taken off by hand. You can find hundreds of products over the counter. There are many home remedies to get rid of those tiny monsters, and all parents will try those first for sure. There is no harm in trying home remedies as they are safe. But you need something natural that gets rid of those in a single wash. Clearlice is a 100% natural brand which makes sure to wash away all those lice and nits in a wash. Their products are made of all natural ingredients and will not bother you or your child afterward with itchy and swollen scalp or a rash.

Clearlice offers a whole range of products and kits to ensure that your lice will not come back again. It has laundry additive so your clothes can also be lice free as your hair.