Is your Body Weight the Reason Behind your Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that makes many men feel embarrassed, confused, and even ashamed. It makes most of the men have no erections or if they have erections, they are much weaker which are not good enough for making love to their partner.

But erectile dysfunction is not something to be ashamed as it is a medical condition that can happen to about anyone and there are multiple things that can result in you suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Earlier there was this hugely circulated misconception that implied that erectile dysfunction is a sign of old age and it is something that one has to deal with one way or the other. But erectile dysfunction is not inevitable and it can be treated as well as prevented using various treatments which includes oral medications such as Cenforce as well as preventive measures such as eating the right kind of food, managing your stress properly as well as taking care of your heart health.

There are different types of causes of erectile dysfunction, among them, most of them are physical causes such as diseases, prostate cancer, poor blood circulation, and a few of them are psychological causes such as anxiety and depression.

Currently, there is no permanent cure for erectile dysfunction but there are many causes that can be treated in such a way that the condition is reversible. One such cause of erectile dysfunction is excessive body weight or obesity.

Obesity is now among the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in both young and old men due to our current lifestyle. We tend to overeat on a daily basis, we live an extremely comfortable life when it comes to physical work and we rarely have healthy sleeping habits, and all this leads to obesity and excessive weight gain.

There is no doubt that everyone has different body types and some people carry more weight than the others and there are no fixed units which can be seen as ideal body weight for you. But the problem arises when the bodyweight becomes the cause of various diseases and conditions including erectile dysfunction in men.

Excessive body weight also leads to excessive fat accumulation in your body which also various problems for you, such as bad cholesterol, accumulation of high blood sugar, and may give you various types of heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Not surprisingly various heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes are conditions that cause erectile dysfunction as a symptom.

You may even not yet be diagnosed with any of these conditions yet, so you may think that there’s nothing wrong with your body weight and you may assume that your erectile dysfunction is caused due to stress or even attribute it to the lack of spark between you and your partner.

But you may want to visit your doctor and have a check-up, and often erectile dysfunction is a symptom that appears well before the conditions get severe and if you detect various heart diseases as well as diabetes early on, you will be able to treat it or prevent it from becoming worse.

Apart from over-eating, excessive weight can also happen if you don’t have any physical activities on your daily schedule. A healthy blood circulatory system keeps your whole body healthy and boosts the health of your heart. We have seen that most of the conditions that cause erectile dysfunction spring from an unhealthy heart, so if your heart is healthy in the first place then you are very less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

We already know that proper blood flow is vital for enjoying a sexually fulfilling and satisfying life, in fact, the PDE5 inhibiting drugs that come in medications such as Fildena And Vidalista are successful in treating erectile dysfunction by supporting an adequate amount of blood flowing towards the penis after a man is aroused.

Apart from the medical risks that come with excessive weight and obesity, there are also long-lasting impacts on your mental health as well as your relationships. If you were a healthy and fit person during the beginning of your relationship and you have been letting yourself go now that you are in a committed relationship then it could reduce your sexual drive, it can also make you super self-conscious and your self-confidence may even take a dip. Such inferiority complex and inferiority complex could lead to performance anxiety that can also cause erectile dysfunction and low sexual drive.

Thankfully, erectile dysfunction caused due to excessive weight is completely reversible and if you work on your body weight, eat the right kind of food and in the right amounts then you will be able to improve your heart health as well provide nourishing energy to your body.

Apart from eating, also pay attention to your sleep habits and stress levels, and poor sleep habits as well as excessive stress have been linked with erectile dysfunction. Also, keep away from excessive alcohol consumption (Another cause of erectile dysfunction) as that can also cause weight again.