Make the Perfect Impression with a Bridal Airbrush Tan


Nothing is more beautiful than a blushing bride on her wedding day. You want your day to be perfect and every detail captured in the photos you will enjoy for a lifetime. To ensure you make the impression that you have in mind, a bridal airbrush tan can give you just the right amount of color to make your skin glow. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow explains that their signature, natural tan is great for brides and is available by either visiting their NYC salon or by opting for their mobile tan service. The most important thing when tanning for a wedding is to get the color that is right for the bride and which looks completely natural.

Bridal Airbrush Tan vs Natural Tan

If the goal of getting an airbrush tan is to make it look as natural as possible, then why not just spend a little time in the sun? Unfortunately, we now know that there is no such thing as a healthy UV suntan. Tanned skin that is exposed to any king of ultraviolet light is damaged and it can be especially dangerous to those with fair skin. The problem is that most of us perceive skin that has at least some degree of color as being healthier and more appealing than pale skin. A spray tan offers a compromise that is better for your skin in the short- and long- term.

It is also nearly impossible to control how much sun you get when your skin is exposed to natural sunlight or tanning rays from a tanning bed or booth. Skin doesn’t show the full results of the exposure until hours later. You may end up with a lot more color than you really wanted or with a severe burn that has you glowing red in all the wrong places on your special day.

Bridal Airbrush Tan

A custom bridal airbrush tan is different when applied by skilled technicians with lots of experience. They can match the color to your complexion and prevent you from getting too much color or a tan that looks like it has been sprayed on. The perfect bridal tan doesn’t look like a tan at all. Instead, a sunkissed glow will give you just the right amount of color to reflect your natural beauty.


Do you want to accent your high cheekbones? Are you wearing a low-cut gown and want to accent your cleavage? Contouring is another part of the airbrush tan experience that can enhance your natural look. Adding more color to some areas while keeping others light will create depth and accent the features that you are most proud.

Before the Big Day

Make sure you discuss your needs with the salon in advance of your wedding day to find out the best time for getting your bridal airbrush tan and what steps you need to take prior to your appointment to get the best and most lasting results. It is always a good idea to book a trial in  advance to make sure you get the color you want for your wedding day.