Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth


Missing teeth are very common phenomena mostly found in adults and elderly people. The most common reasons for losing teeth are unhealthy food habits, consumption of alcohol, improper hygiene and incorrect breathing habits. Loss of teeth adversely impacts not only eating activities but also other teeth present in the mouth.

It is advisable to replace the missing teeth as soon as possible to restrict the damage caused to other teeth and inconvenience caused to the person. In this article, we will share why you should replace your missing teeth.

Losing the Ability to Chew Food

When some teeth fall out, chewing becomes difficult. Inefficient chewing of the food hampers the digestion. There are some foods that you won’t be able to chew like hard food, nuts and biscuits. Your food choices become limited. According a research, every tooth you lose reduces your chewing ability by 10 percent. To ensure better digestion and chewing, it is important to get the vacant place filled.

Tilting and Drifting of Other Teeth

The consequence of missing teeth leads to the tilting and drifting of your other teeth to occupy the vacant space in the mouth. This can cause tooth decay. Gum-related diseases can also be caused due to inability to clean unaligned teeth properly.

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Reduced Self-confidence

A person with missing teeth often does not open his or her mouth in front of anyone. This is because a gap can take away from your personal appearance.

Leads to Headache, Facial pain and Jaw Pain

Lacking the required teeth in your mouth increases the possibilities of getting jaw pain, head pain, facial pain or neck pain. Pain in these areas happens when adequate support of the tooth is not provided. This in turn affects your work productivity and efficiency.

Promote Improved Airway

When you lose some teeth in your mouth, your facial structure becomes narrow. This narrowed and over-closed mouth collapses the air passage, which adversely impacts the ability to breathe. When your missing teeth are replaced, it makes a significant difference in the way you breathe and your overall health.

To Prevent Loss of Bone

Missing teeth can lead to the loss of bone in the mouth. This can give rise to various other complications. Due to the empty space created by the loss of teeth, other teeth start to shrink in size by way of a process called resorption.

By replacing missing teeth, you can kick away the probabilities of premature degradation of the alveolar bone that is responsible for supporting teeth. To keep the density of the bone intact, it is very essential to replace all the missing teeth in your mouth immediately.

Enhanced Quality of Life

When you lose your teeth, the ranges of food you are allowed to eat narrow. Only selected foods that are soft, easy to swallow and in liquid form are okay to eat! Not only will a replacement enhance your smile but also it will help you eat the foods you want to again.

By adopting these simple methods of teeth replacement, you will enhance your health and your looks.