Body Contouring – The best non invasive way to get in shape


While everyone wants to be healthy and get in shape, there are very few who show the commitment towards choosing the right diet and workout plans and follow them. But, sometimes, even the right diet and apt workout routines are not able to eliminate fat from certain body parts. In such scenario, if you want to get in perfect shape, you have to look out for alternative treatments which can help you get the desired results. Body Contouring is one of the best and non invasive ways to achieve the desired body shape without going under the knife.  Sono Bello is among the leading body contouring centre offering complete body transformation at highly affordable price. With a presence in multiple cities across the USA, it is among the best places to get satisfactory body contouring, facial lift and liposuction services.

What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring is a non-invasive procedure which helps in removing the excess fat from the problem areas. It also works on tightening the skin while reducing the cellulite’s appearance to a greater extent. It does not require you to undergo painful surgeries, and works safely by contouring your body in several ways.

The four major methods deployed by body contouring specialists for tightening and toning the body while reducing the stored fat under the skin, include:

  • Radio Frequency Lipo
  • Laser Lipo
  • Cold Lipo or Cryolypolysis
  • Infrared Light Lipo
  • Laser-Like Lipo

All the aforementioned methods are non-invasive and all these use quite similar methodologies for body contouring. All these treatments interact with your body’s fat cells and stimulate them. This stimulation work on melting the fatty part of the cell. Once the fat is melted from the cell, it goes back into the body to be used as energy or burn calories. Thus, the body contouring treatment is accompanies by techniques similar to full body vibration in order to burn off the fat which got melted fro the cell. Once this fat is burned and used in the form of energy, it gets eliminated from the body, leaving your body without any fat deposits or body bulges.

Excessive fat burning may leave your skin loose and cellulite may make your appearance look bad. So, after body contouring treatment, you have to undergo sittings in the cellulite reducing and skin tightening machines to ensure that your body looks tighter and contoured after the removal of the fat.

Benefits of Body Contouring over Invasive Procedures

The invasive procedures for reducing fat are a bit risky as compared to non-invasive ones, as they may lead to:

  • Dangers from anaesthesia
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Bleeding problems
  • Blood clots

But, when you choose non-invasive procedures like body contouring, you get benefits as there are no risks of the procedure. Furthermore, as you do not go under the knife, you don’t need a recovery period to go back to your day to day life after the procedure is over.