What do I need to know about plastic surgery?


If you’re perhaps not satisfied with your appearance, rather than settling and living your life not a hundred percent happy, you may wish to do what hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people all across the globe have done, and that is undergo plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery, in order to fix a part of yourself that you aren’t entirely satisfied with. Whether you’re looking for a quick nip/tuck, a face lift, a nose job, a boob job, or anything else for that matter, before you commit to having any surgical procedure, whether cosmetic or otherwise, there are first a few things that you will indeed need to know about plastic surgery. To help make your life that little bit easier, we’ll now take a look at some of the most important things that you will need to know before you even consider going under the knife.

It can be painful

Although the amount of pain you experience will depend on the procedure you are having done, for the most part, most cosmetic surgery procedures can indeed be pretty painful. Now, whereas most people expect the surgery itself to be painful, in reality, it is actually the post-op recovery period in which you will experience the most pain. If you have a nose job for example, your nose and indeed, much of your entire face, will be very sore and very sensitive for a number of days, maybe even weeks, following the procedure, so you will need to be very careful when touching your face, or wherever it is that you have had your procedure carried out.

You will need a long time to heal

Despite what some phony doctors and ads may try to tell you, if you were to have a procedure such as a facelift, you couldn’t simply walk into the surgery and walk out an hour later, looking completely different and feeling absolutely fine. These are very complex procedures, and as a result, you do need to allow your body plenty of time to heal. Generally, healing times for these types of procedures are around 10 – 14 days, so if you do plan on going under the knife, you will need to plan in advance and book time off of work to recover.

Results may look shocking at first

Even if you have a slight adjustment to your nose, the results afterwards will look pretty shocking and dramatic for a number of weeks, until the surgery has had time to fully heal. Many people who have nose jobs will experience dramatic looking bruising on their cheeks and on their eyes, and may look as if they have been punched in both eyes by a pro boxer. Be prepared for some gasps of shock when people see you in this state, but rest assured that the bruising will look much, much worse than it actually is, and it will quickly heal. To help prepare friends and family members, it is best to warn them in advance, and explain that it is perfectly normal.