Remedial Massage Techniques That Would Yield Best Results


The reason as to why people seek remedial massage is to ease the pain, and treat injuries, ease stress and improve good health. All these are different results and would require different remedial massage techniques to achieve them. Each problem requires a different approach to solve depending on its severity and location. One cannot use the same technique used to ease neck pain in dealing with back pain. To achieve various results, a therapist should use a different kind of remedialmassage therapy. The professional Melbourne massage therapists have a rich knowledge of various methods of remedial massage producing unique benefits for unique problems affecting unique clients.

It is very important to remember that different types of treatments will yield different effects on your body. Therefore it is important to provide as much information about your health as possible. The information must be detailed and true so as to allow the therapist to make an accurate choice of the technique to use to solve your body problem. Our therapists have detailed knowledge of the musculoskeletal anatomy and they will understand when you disclose the information about how you feel and how the pain started. The common kinds of massage treatments that Melbourne therapists use include Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Pregnancy Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping,Hotstone, and Low-Level Laser Therapy. Let’s dwell on the remedial massage techniques that Melbourne natural therapist would administer to patients.

For back pain occurring at the lower back, this is commonly treated by remedial massage. Various techniques used to treat back pain include trigger point therapy which involves working on the muscles that are the source of pain to treat the entire back pain. Some of the trigger muscle points include Gluteal muscles, Quadratus Lumborum, and Psoas Major Muscles. Once these muscles are worked on, the lower back pain is eased and the health of muscles is restored. Basically, the trigger point technique treats the source of pain and the effect. Thetherapist could target deep tissues or superficial tissues of your muscles as well as the connective tissues to reduce pain and restore muscle mobility. When the back pain is chronic the remedial massage therapy would involve a combination of deep tissue, superficial tissues and also the connective tissues massage to effectively ease the pain.

In summary, a remedial massage would involve three kinds of techniques. These are trigger point therapy, deep tissue technique, and cross-fiber techniques. The soft fiber techniques could be used to stimulate blood circulation or deep muscle mobility and ease muscle tension. The trigger point therapy basically deactivates the points that trigger pain. Pressure is applied to these points to alleviate these source points of pain. The deep tissue technique is a strong remedial massage where firm pressure is applied to the unique muscle and the areas of tension. Deep tissue remedial massage therapy helps reduce muscle spasm and improves muscle flexibility as well as muscle posture. Finally sports massage technique is used to boost the recovery of injured muscles and ease the pain in joints, muscles, and tendons. The sports massage is used on problems emanating from sporting activities.