4 Gaming Niche Sectors Making Huge Passive Incomes


The real truth is about having a passive income from a website is that these websites still need a lot of hard work put into their continued success. However, if you are making good money out of those websites, then there is no reason why cannot set these sites up to be your own passive income.

What is passive income?

Passive income is when you are making money without having to do any work. As long as you have a good team managing the elements of a website that need that human touch, then you can theoretically leave the website to bring in money and only read the report that is generated by those employed to look after it. You may need to intervene on occasions such as times when the website’s traffic drops or sales start to decline over consecutive weeks or months.

For further reading, a great place to check out more about passive incomes is an interesting article by R.L. Adams who is a contributor on Entrepreneur.com that wrote about how to generate passive income back in February last year – read it here.

Which Niche Environments Offer The Highest Passive Incomes?

The only reason this article are being written is to help you understand which niche industries online are the most lucrative. It is not a guide to say these are the niche environments that you should ply your trade. To be absolutely honest, the niche industries listed here are highly competitive, will take a lot of investment to ensure your success, and you would need to work hard to make them work because the masses of competition you will be up against.

We have targeted online gaming here because the industry can be segmented into 4 main areas. The reason we have segmented it is because if you do decide to become an affiliate marketer, open an e-comm website, or target a website in this niche, then the best way to do so is by targeting a particular segment. By narrowing down your target market you can reduce advertising costs, and you can reduce the competitiveness of the competition when using digital marketing.

  1. PC Online Gaming

One of the fastest growing industries that shows no signs of slowing up is the online gaming industry. The industry is set to boom over the next few years. That is not to say that it has not already been booming. PC gaming is still growing, and by all accounts, fewer people are targeting this niche as their attention is become diverted by mobile and console gaming. Downloaded as well as boxed PC games are set to generate $32.3 billion per year by 2021 with no signs of this sector slowing down.

Anyone that wants to open an e-comm store or even start a website that leads people to the best deals online when it comes to purchasing or downloading PC games would be joining a continually growing marketplace. If you are looking for an opportunity to join a PC gaming network, then according to Game On Aire’s website, there are 68 affiliate programs to choose from – see their website here.

  1. Online Real Money Gaming

This is separate from online gaming because it involves gambling on games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, and so on. It is market unto its own. There has always been growth in the online gambling industry. However, this is the most competitive niche online to make a passive income. If you want to start a website that is associated with online casinos or an affiliate website that helps people sign up to an online casino, then the best way to do this is to look for a country where the digital marketing is still not difficult.

There is a great site called Live22 from c9bets in Malaysia that decided to target the Malaysian market, and as this segment has very low competition, they are now making a killing – see their signup page here.

  1. Mobile Gaming

It does not need rocket scientists to figure out that the mobile industry is booming. Currently, mobile gaming takes up a whopping 51% market share of the overall online gaming market. This can be broken down into tablet versus smartphone gaming in which $13.9 billion is generated by tablet gaming and $56.4 billion is generated via smartphone gaming – no surprise there!

Out of all four gaming segments mentioned here in this article, there is no doubt that mobile gaming is the most lucrative. If you want to try your luck at creating a website that will give you a passive income through affiliate marketing then try Fun Hub Network – see their affiliate offers here.

  1. Console Gaming

This is another tough cookie to crack when it comes to creating a unique website that is going to bring you in a decent income via an affiliate or e-comm website. This is mostly because there are millions of console gaming enthusiasts that are so passionate about their console gaming that all they want to do is get their own website up and running and make money from it. The good news is that you can break the industry down into Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft gaming consoles if you wanted to target a specific niche within the console gaming segment.

Console gaming generates around $34.6 billion, and there is no reason why any new affiliate marketers cannot get involved in affiliate marketing in this niche. A good way to start to make money from this niche is to start with PlayStation. The company offers the chance to join them in a partnership directly – see the Playstation partnership here.

At this time with high-speed internet, as well as new technology, always coming out onto the market improving out online gaming experiences, the industry does not look like its growth is very going to slow down. As populations grow, the younger generation grows, and access to gaming becomes easier as well as more affordable, all the future holds in this industry is continued reports of its growth.

If you want to read about where we got most of our statistics from in this article, then head over to the Venture Beat website article – see it here.