Why shouldn’t you be Afraid of Alcohol Detoxification?


Fear of alcohol detoxification is one of the most common reasons why alcoholics cannot go through rehabilitation. As every long-term alcoholic knows, trying to live a couple of days without drinking can be painful. Even when it begins with a strong determination, the power of a typical alcoholic begins to weaken in a day or so, and soon after the need to drink becomes an obsession. It is clear that the idea of ​​being in a hospital at this time without help scares many alcoholics.


But in fact, alcohol detoxification in a hospital is not so bad. Of course, there may be some unpleasant moments, and many recovering alcoholics prefer not to go through this more than once, but the fact is that you can go through that. And in the hands of experienced treatment specialists, everything will end without harming health.

Here are some reasons why alcohol detoxification is not as bad as many people think.

  • Alcohol detoxification is relatively fast. Symptoms will not manifest completely until one or two days after your last drink, and will not be as severe until 48 hours. Symptoms peak around four to five days after your last drink, and after that they will decrease markedly. In general, the process is short.
  • In your facility, you will most likely be given medications to relieve symptoms. Of course, each alcohol detoxification program is different, but most of them treat their patients with a combination of prescription medications to facilitate detoxification. Therefore, even if your conclusion reaches its peak, it will be much better in your hospital than trying to quit smoking on your own.
  • Many alcoholics think that their detoxification is a kind of rite. These few days are usually difficult, but the fact that they are so difficult is a strong impediment to drinking alcohol again. After all, you don’t want to go through the whole process a second time. Meanwhile, although difficult times may arise during recovery, detoxification surpasses them all. Once you do, you can go through anything.
  • Consequently, many recovering alcoholics are given a sense of strength and momentum as they go through the alcohol detox process. There is still a long way to go before the detoxification ends, but a sense of accomplishment can take you away.
  • In short, detoxification is good for the body. For people who drink every day or almost every day, constant exposure of the body to alcohol abuse weakens many body systems and creates a general feeling of malaise. It may take several weeks or months before your body recovers completely, but you will begin to feel the benefits as soon as you undergo alcohol detoxification.