Beginners Guide To Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Dental Treatment

An insurance, in simple words, means a protection against the future loss as per provisions of the written agreement mutually consented by the insurer and the purchaser of an insurance plan. An insurance is, therefore, more than a necessity in today’s time in view of the growing uncertainties of life. Thus, the protection under a plan must begin from the day one of its purchase. But, the reality, especially with some of the dental insurance plans, is that they take six months to one year to activate the promised protection. As a matter of fact, you may have often wondered about the dental insurance with no waiting period.

You will be happy to know that some dental insurance plans offer immediate cover bespoke to your need. Here is a list of a few such plans that commence protection with an immediate effect.

Dental Treatment

  • Group Plans: There are some group plans that extend cover immediately. In other words, there is no waiting period for those plans. For instance, when a leader offers a plan to a worker, the cover starts     from day one. In this case, you need not have to buy a separate plan for the purpose.
  • PPO plans: PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. There is no waiting period under the PPO plans. However, the phrase ‘Preferred Provider’ refers to the doctors who are in the insurer’s network. Thus, a person subscribed to the PPO plans can avail services immediately from those doctors in the insurer’s network.   For the doctors outside the network, your protection under the policy will vary at different degrees and rates. However, the dental insurance with no waiting period is mostly confined to the non-surgical procedures and the preventative services. Having said that, we mean any major restorative work and surgical treatment here       would require some waiting period.
  • Discount dental plans: Technically, this is not an insurance plan. Instead, it is a doctors’ network to which you subscribe as an individual or a company and avail the services of the doctors at a privileged price. You pay an annual fee to this network and avail the services from the doctors in the network throughout the year at a discounted price. No waiting period applies here. In short, you can take the discount dental plans in your favour by planning your dental insurance requirement meticulously.
  • Plans from the top rated dental insurers: Some top rated dental insurers have a few plans that do not ask for a waiting period. For    instance, Humana dental plans, Cigna’s Dental 1500 Plan, and Delta’s PPO Direct and PPO Direct Plus plans have no waiting period for one or more classes of service. However, the company Spirit Dental has plans that no waiting period for all classes of service. This company provides immediate cover on all the classes of services required for the dental care, surgery, and restoration work.

Please note that the dental insurance with no waiting period often comes with conditions. You should, therefore, read the offer document carefully before signing. This will save you from many problems soon especially at the time of an emergency.