Understanding if there is a root canal infection


root canal infection

Dental problems are one of the most common problems that people have and it is very important that you get it cured from a reputed dentist. Your teeth have nerves and in fact the entire tooth is made up of tissues – the enamel, the cementum and the dentin and also the soft tissue called the pulp. Normally the pulp is found near the nerves of the tooth. In case if the pulp gets inflamed or infected then you have a root canal infection.

Root canal is basically the dental procedure which helps in preserving a dead tooth. Root canal treatment is normally done to preserve whatever remains in the tooth. Root canals normally occur when the pulp gets infected and the tooth is almost in the dying stage. So, it is always better to pull out the dead tooth rather than pulling it out. After the dead tooth has been pulled out, you can get the dental implants done so that you are able to speak and also chew properly. The root canal treatment is quite a lengthy process and there are numerous steps involved in it like removing the pulp of the infected tooth, then cleaning the rest of the tooth and then finally sealing it.

After the root canal treatment, if you feel that there is some kind of a problem with your tooth, then you can go through the steps mentioned below which will help you understanding the symptoms of a root canal treatment:

  • In case if you feel that there is a lot of pain and you are not able to understand the actual cause of the pain, then this pain states that you have a dead tooth.
  • If your teeth becomes extremely sensitive and you find it difficult to drink anything which is too hot or too cold and the pain continues for quite some time then there are chances that there is a dying teeth. In case the pain goes away after sometime, then it means that the nerves are still in a recovering position.
  • If you find that there is a small fistula on the gum, then it proves that there is a problem with the teeth gum. The fistula is normally the components of infection and blood which are trying to get out of the body.

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So, whenever you feel that you have some problems with your teeth or have a root canal infection, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the most reputed dentists available.