How much can you earn being periodontist


Dentists and periodontist are almost same, but what they can earn is totally different and periodontist is the one who gets a better salary. It is also a fact that most of the people don’t understand the basic difference between a dentist and periodontist. They are also dentists, but they have to do another three years course for the advanced specialty. You can really make you earn more money as if you opt for the additional three years course.


It is advised by most of the people to do another three years course as you will be able to get a lot more than a normal dentist as reported by In the United States, an standard salary of a periodontist is recorded to be almost $170,000 annually.

What periodontist can do?

It is important that you maintain a good personal hygiene and health. When it comes to maintaining it all starts from your mouth as it is also said that there are more bacteria present in a normal person mouth than any other part of the body. A periodontist has to study for another three years which helps then diagnose and treat diseases which can occur in teeth, gums and other tissues. They can also perform all the type of cosmetic surgery and help their patients live a life free of oral diseases. Surgery also includes removal of bad and unshaped teeth and replace them with new ones.

Salaries of different dentists as compared to periodontist annually:

  1. General dentists: $130,000
  2. Orthodontist: $125,000
  3. Cosmetic dentist: $150,000
  4. Endodontist: $170,000
  5. Prosthodontist: $145,000
  6. Paediatric dentist pedodontist: $140,000
  7. Periodontist: $175,000

There are the results collected from the dentists who work in the almost the same working conditions. It is true that you can increase your earning by improving your working standards and places.

Factors affecting earnings of periodontist

The periodontist or any other dentist can earn more if they can improve the way of their working.

It is important that they need to improve the place they are working, which includes the area, cleanliness and maintenance. You can earn better if you keep the place hygienic, maintained and make it look better.

It is important that you need to spend some money to hire some staffs to keep your place clean, well maintained and also to manage your patients.

While, if you have a better knowledge and skills, it is obvious you can earn more. You will get better and better in your skills and knowledge by experience and how well you have studied while you attending your college. If you can diagnose the problem of your patients properly, it will help you treat them in a better and easy way.

Location of your working place is also one of the important things which can help you earn more. Dentists in metropolitan cities earn more than those who are in small cities. Most of the times it is advised that periodontist should work with the private customers as can earn more than those who work at hospitals.