Testosterone Propionate, a Trusted Testosterone Booster


People are out there searching for testosterone solutions such as how to boost testosterone levels in the body. There are available treatments available for extremely remarkable results such as testosterone propionate. It is a tested, verified and certified treatment for testosterone cures. And as you are busy keying in your letters on the search engine, allow me to share with you some insights about testosterone and testosterone propionate. Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone that triggers, regulates and defines our sexual traits regulates fertility, distribution of fats, production of red blood cells and muscle mass in a body. Its chemical formula is C19H28O2 with a scientific melting point of 155 ° C. It is an androgen produced primarily by Leydig cells in the testicles. Women also produce it but in low amounts.
It’s important to note that testosterone plays a significant role in defining one’s physical condition such as pubic hairs growth during adolescence, erection and sexual desires, masculinity and deep male voice. It also influences our mental state regarding stress management and competitiveness. With inadequate amounts of testosterone, men cannot become sterile, because testosterone plays a significant role in the development of mature sperm cells.

Why You Should Keep Testosterone Levels in Check

The pituitary gland and brain mainly control testosterone levels. The body experiences an increase in the rate of Testosterone until reaching its peak at the age of around 25-30 years. At this point, there are intense sexual desires, configuration and distinct definition of masculinity. The levels of testosterone naturally begin to decrease as age catches up with a person gradually. Sleep contributes to generation and regeneration of testosterone, and lack of it has some adverse effects on physical activity. The level of testosterone can be explained merely by how active an individual is in the morning. When a man suffers from hypogonadism (low levels of testosterone), his sperm count reduces, he experiences swollen or enlarged breast tissues, erection dysfunction, and decreased sex desires. This condition is rectified through medicine to increase testosterone. In the case of excessive testosterone, it can trigger premature puberty in men, and for women, there could be menstrual irregularities, deep voice and changes in breast size.

What exactly is Testosterone Propionate?

It is the short-estered testosterone steroid administered to the body via injection. As an injectable compound, it has a slower rate of release than the un-esterified Testosterone. But one significant defining characteristic of it is that it has a faster rate of release than all the other esterified testosterone. The primary disadvantage of using Testosterone Propionate is that users must inject themselves at daily throughout the treatment cycle to get the right, desired and proper results. However, there is more natural control and prevention of potential side effects from its use. Again, since there is less ester per ampoule, there is more actual testosterone per injection hence producing far much better results. The Propionate (Propionic acid which is bonded to the 17-beta-hydroxyl group on the Testosterone structure to form an ester bond) ester expands testosterone’s life to about nine days.

Taking Testosterone propionate by people of over 40 years of age will be beneficial. It not only boosts their sexual libido but for the general body performance and especially the heart and blood vessels. Although it does not alter one’s aging pattern, it helps in decreasing fat mass, increase testosterone and muscle mass. Bodybuilders and athletes use it for performance and physical conditions enhancement. Such people extensively use it is mainly because testosterone itself is the most natural and safest anabolic steroid an individual can use. The Propionate ester which is the main component of testosterone propionate is suggested for any first-time steroid user. The most common dosages for Testosterone Propionate are either 50 to 100mg every day or 50 to 100mg every 2nd day. When it comes to administering, it can be injected into any muscle on a condition that the tissue is big enough with the most popular ones being triceps, buttocks or shoulders.