What an abnormal pap smear indicates during the tenure of pregnancy


If you are a lady of child bearing age, then by now you would have had your own share of pap smears. Thoughabnormal Pap smear pregnant is not a major cause of concern as well.  Though most of the results do come back normal, in some cases additional round of testing may be called for. This could be followed by a detailed course of treatment as well. In case you are asked for an abnormal pap test during pregnancy, there is no major need to panic. The tests could mean something or in some cases it could be nothing at all as well. In fact most of the treatments are provided to the would be mothers as well.

Pap smear during the course of pregnancy

It would be safe to have a pap smear done during pregnancy. Doctors are likely to perform pap tests if it happens to be due on them. This would be regardless of the pregnancy status of the woman at that point of time. One of the major differences when you have a pap test during pregnancy would be an increase in the levels of bleeding. As the cervix does have its own share of blood at this point of time, a slight bit of bleeding would be common when it is the case of a standard pap test.


When a woman is told that they need to be part of an abnormal pap test it does go on to throw their life at an edge. But trust me it does not pose a major concern at all times. You can find the number of cancer cells by this procedure it could also point to infection. With the help of an abnormal Pap smear test the doctor would be in a position to figure out whether additional round of testing would be called for as well.

If an abnormal pap smear is found out during pregnancy the doctor will ask you for a colposcopy. At this point of time the doctor would go on to view the cervix under magnification. The doctor would be in a better position to figure out what lead to the growth of the abnormal cells and if that is the case then how do they proceed with the next round of treatment as well.

If the doctor is of the opinion that the abnormal Pap smear did stem out from cancer cells, they will ask you to wait till your pregnancy would be over. If it is early in the pregnancy then the doctor would ask you to terminate the pregnancy so that you go on to receive the treatment that you need.if the presence of abnormal cells is found in the fag end of pregnancy the doctor may induce labor earlier so that you can go on to receive the treatment that you need.

You need to take note of the fact that the presence of abnormal cells does not pose any risk to the baby.