The Basic Differenceof Basic Growth Hormone and Testosterone


Human growth hormone and testosterone are both naturally produced hormones by the human body. They provide related functions but neither are they similar nor they leave identical results in the human body, operating in noticeably different ways. HGH was previously used to help children having deficiencies in growth hormone. But with time, physicians now use this hormone to cure medical conditions like HIV or AIDS and professional athletes and bodybuilders have started taking this hormone for anti-aging. HGH can be used in a couple of ways, larger doses are used for increasing the size of muscles and for improved fat loss while smaller doses are required to improve sleep, skin quality and for the general well-being.

Hormone and Testosterone

On the other hand, testosterone is considered an anabolic steroid and chief sex hormone for male which plays a vital role in the growth of male reproductive tissues, like the prostate and testis. This hormone is responsible for encouraging secondary sexual features like growing of body hair, augmented bone and muscle mass. Most people are not sure whether to use growth hormone or testosterone as both these steroids are very effective to the bodybuilders as supplements for bodybuilding. The supplement testosterone is inoculated into the body for muscle growth and lessening body fat, whereas HGH promotes damaged tissues while promoting lean muscle mass.

Safety regarding hormones is a must                

Both the steroids are considered legal and are taken by bodybuilders to develop muscle mass. A user may assume that injecting these two steroids isn’t harmful to the body as they are both produced inside the human body but conditions do apply regarding the usage of these hormones. Taking too high doses of hormones into the body either separately or through stacking may leave severe side-effects. Increased dosage of HGH causes organs and bones to grow unreasonably.

Both HGH and testosterone are operative muscle builders, but for a varied reason, testosterone is used more commonly as it is considered safer compared to HGH. It carries with it lesser side effects and prevailing market price is also considerably cheaper. However, some bodybuilders choose to use both these steroids together although it requires the assistance of a professional medical practitioner to ensure proper applicability. Users react in different ways to hormones which largely depends on their weight, age and their health status. So it is very important to keep in mind the effectiveness and the associated side-effects before using the two steroids together.

Stacking results of HGH and Testosterone

Testosterone is helpful in producing male characteristics and developing reproductive organs of male. It encourages the growth of muscles, strength, endurance and stamina among other important functions. While HGH makes muscle grow, it contributes nothing towards the functioning or strength of the muscles, but anabolic steroid Testosterone helps to maintain the size and strength of muscles. As bodybuilders aren’t sure whether to use growth hormone or Testosterone they stack these two compounds together even though medical community strictly discourages this combination for non-medical uses. It is also considered illegal either to buy or sell these two steroids without a valid prescription.