You May Have to Say Goodbye to caffeine for some time!


If you are breastfeeding, you may have to distance yourself from certain things. And probably the first thing on the list is Caffeine! It is commonly found in so many products like coffee, black and green tea and so on.

Once you are breastfeeding your baby and consuming Caffeine, you might notice some effects. Yes,caffeine and breastfeeding effects on baby! You know when caffeine steps into your bloodstream; a tiny amount of it ends up in the breast milk.It rises up only after a few hours of consumption of caffeine.

  • As the body of your new born cannot easily break down and get rid of caffeine, it might accrue in the system of the baby. It is only after three months that your little one will start to process caffeine more proficiently. With time, it is going to be easier for him to expel it.
  • It has been believed by numerous experts that a reasonable amount of caffeine i.e. not more than three hundred milligrams a day is okay for nursing mothers and should cause no alterations in the behavior of most of the babies. But it is equally being stated that consuming more than two or three cups of coffeein a day might cause mother or both other and the child to get nervy, irritable or agitated, and it might contribute to sleeping issues.
  • Actually, to simplify this, every baby is different. If your little one seems to get bothered when you consume even a tiny amount of caffeine, you might have to wipe away it from your diet to find out if it makes a difference. Remember that one of the chief outcomes of caffeine is that it mostly keeps you awake.Some children are much sensitive to caffeine as compared to others. If your baby or you are facing any sleeping issues, it is certainly better to say goodbye to caffeine for some time.
  • If you consume a lot of tea or coffee, stopping it before or during the pregnancy is the practical thing to do. Of course, if you are away from caffeine, you might feel lousy for some days and even witness strange type of headache from withdrawal.
  • There is no doubt that the effect of caffeine use while breastfeeding differs from baby to baby. Where some children may react in a strange manner, others might show no effect. If you are not ready to leave Caffeine immediately, you can leave it gradually. Just lower down your consumption as per your convenience.
  • If you suspect that your little one is reacting to caffeine, you have to avoid it by hook or crook. Just have to stop it from all the sources like coffee, tea, medications, soft drinks, chocolate for around four to five weeks. While you have planned to give up on caffeine you should remember that suddenly discontinuing all the caffeine may lead to headaches or different symptoms. Similarly, if your baby has just started having a good sleep, your sacrifice has proved helpful!

Thus, it is just a matter of couple of weeks. Saying no to caffeine items for some time can actually be good for both you and your little one!