Tips to find the perfect organic perfume


There are many who just love to use perfume after taking a bath and when going out casually for a walk or to events and parties. Whatever be it, prior purchasing any perfume brand, it is necessary to know that the perfume’s scent tends to change when it contacts the user’s body.

What is to be known?

Perfumes should not be applied at places where the skin’s pH gets disturbed or probably the body emits strong odor. Some places like the armpits, behind ears, etc. are to be avoided, since body smell in these areas may change the perfume scent. The smell applied in these places is likely to vary from its original smell. According to the beauty experts, perfumes are best applied below ear lobes, bottom of neck, inner side of wrists and elbow and shoulders. The pulse points are sure to enhance perfume applying experience and its intensity.

What are the scent types that will suit each body part?

It will be useful to go through articles put up on the web about the different types of organic handmade solid perfume available in the market and which types are found useful to be applied at which body parts. Knowing them can help the person to apply it correctly and get the best results and attract others.

  • Front & neck: Classic Fougere
  • Shoulders: Chypre
  • Below ear lobes: Floral Citrus
  • Navel area: Musky
  • Décolletage (specially the darkened areas): Musk, floral and amber
  • Ankles: Woody fragrances such as patchouli and sandalwood
  • Back: Woody or sweet floral including Sage and Frankincense having powdery overtone
  • Back of knees: Amber
  • Inside of elbow: Sweet floral

How much perfume to apply and the erogenous points

Erogenous points are considered to be those sensitive body parts and it has nerve endings in clusters there. Such points are quite sensitive and also very much responsive to touch. Those areas tend to produce much more heat when compared to the other body parts and hence, they can intensify perfume fragrance.

The amount of perfume to apply depends upon the scent’s tenacity. There is no need for slashing a lot of perfume and just like smell like any perfume bottle. It will only distract others and make it impossible to go near the person. A light spray or slight dab when repeated if the day lasts much longer can prove to be ideal towards creating that desired magic.

Trying to buy the best smelling handmade solid perfume is considered to be a personal choice. If it is good, then people are bound to enquire the brand and will praise the person for using it and remember it.

There is created long permanent ‘scent’ effect if the person is aware of how to layer the fragrance on his/her body and be able to develop that magical fragrance foundation. More importantly, the person should also know about his/her skin type as it may affect as to how the specific scent will smell upon him/her.