TOP 6 gadgets that will help you sleep better


In case you do not know, people celebrate World sleep day on March 18. Duh? This unusual event was introduced at the initiative of the World Sleep Day Committee and World Association of Sleep Medicine in 2008. This event has been held annually ever since, on Friday, the second full week of March, and is held under a variety of motivational slogans, which vary every year:

• (Sleep Well, Live Fully Awake);
• (Sleep Well, Stay Healthy);
• (Breathe Easily, Sleep Well).

It would seem to us: Why do we need yet another holiday? But how often do we remember about the real role of sleep in our lives? Don’t some of us believe that sleep is sort of a waste of time or a necessary procedure? However, this is not the case.

Today, we have made a list of relevant gadgets to help you assess the current quality of your sleep and help you sleep better at the same time. Most of the devices will need to connect to your smartphone, so if your device is kind of old, you might want to check out some HTC cellphones or Apple iPhones.

Harper BFB-104

This is one of the most affordable fitness accessories with the ability to track phases of sleep. For a minimal price, a user will get a waterproof bracelet-pedometer with a multifunction small screen.

Jawbone UP Move JL07

It is perhaps one of the most advanced gadgets in the budget segment, which is able to monitor sleep. The device features some excellent software by Jawbone that comes with a personal fitness trainer.


It is an excellent bracelet with a function of tracking your sleep quality manufactured by a Russian company. It features an OLED-screen, a pedometer and it also measures the number of calories you consume.

Jawbone UP3

It is almost a universal gadget for those who care about their health. It even has a thermometer and a heart rate monitor. It will be quite difficult to find something better to track your sleep quality, because with the help of a heart rate monitor and a thermometer, you can get the most accurate picture of your phases of sleep.

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30

This is an activity tracker from one of the largest electronics manufacturers. It is primarily interesting due to the combination of all the necessary functions in a single package. The device is not only able to monitor sleep phases and submit a detailed report to a smartphone, but it also measures the number of steps you take, sends you notifications from your smartphone (check price for HTC phone) and displays them on its own e-ink-screen. What’s more, it supports a voice control.

Misfit Shine

It is probably one of the simplest and quality gadgets. Of course, it can track phases of sleep and your activity. But, unlike the aforementioned competitors, it can be used not only as a bracelet, but also as a clip on your clothes or as a pendant. In addition, it features a completely crazy battery life – up to 6 months on one charge!