Treating Dementia and Alzheimer’s


Though very little has still been explored of the numerous benefits of the Bacopa herb, it has been known to enhance memory and the normal functioning of the brain since ages. In addition to the short term benefits of this creeping herb there are several long-term benefits as well. Research studies have notified its improvement in the areas of verbal information processing and attention. There is a major link between Alzheimer’s disease and eventual dementia preventing mild cognitive decline to ward off memory-related diseases mostly prevailing among elderly people and baby boomers. However, there is lack of adequate scientific evidence to prove whether Bacopa actually delays or prevents dementia. An uncontrolled and open-label study conducted on Alzheimer’s patients in India showed improvements in cognitive scores, irritability, insomnia and quality of life when charged with 600mg of this extract during a period of 6 months. As a traditional Ayurvedic medicine Bacopa has been shown to promote longevity and various aging-related problems.

Taking the highest potency of this herb

As a popular Ayurvedic medicine, East Indian users always ensure that they take the highest potency of this product to get the maximum healing benefits desired from its consumption. There are several varieties of this product in the market, so you should choose the right one to get the value for your money spent. The best way to consume the highest potency of this extract is with other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other herbal extracts which are essential for improving the functioning of different parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, hair, skin, eyes and much more.

It is also known to be rich in flavonoids containing high anti-oxidant ability which are essential in maintaining healthy brain cells and their effective functioning as well. The anticonvulsant property of the Bacopa monnieri has been effective in the treatment of epilepsy and increase serotonin levels for the treatment of anxiety and depression. These are only some of the many benefits that this herb has to offer and choosing the appropriate supplement having balanced nutrients along with this extract can provide you with more improved functioning. You can read more at to make the most out of the use of this natural extract.

Proper intake suggestions

For those who are thinking of experiencing the multiple benefits of this traditional herb it is always recommended to take the suggestion of a health care physician before having one. Choosing the right source of purchase is also crucial to having the desired benefits. Stacking this herbal extract with supplements like Alpha Brain can provide enhanced results. If you prefer to take this product separately without stacking then a dosage level of 200 to 400 mg is generally suitable. Until you are aware of the sensitiveness of your body to this supplement it is better to take it during early hours of the day. You should consider choosing those products which has been verified by third parties and for any other information read more at