Using Tren A / Tren E – Certainly Go For Post Cycle Therapy


Steroids have existed in the market for a good time, now. This proves that there are more of boons than of bane attached with its use. If a thorough research is conducted into this stream, you may find that if steroids are consumed correctly then the source is very much effective. It is extremely potent and capable to create the results you have been keen on having.

Consuming steroids and expecting a magical impact is slightly non-realistic. Everything has got its place and time, so is the feature attached with steroids. Every time you are put on steroids, you are given a proper structured plan for consuming it. When taking trenbolone orally, your carelessness may cause disturbing results. The most affected organ of your body could be liver.

If you wish to have best results, it is best to be on a proper cycle for long term effective results.


Cycle for beginners

It is best to start with lower doses to be able to register the results it is causing on your body. Try and avoid the following:-

  • Taking daily doses
  • Taking huge doses

10mg thrice a week is just fine. This way you can judge the allergic reactions and the side effects caused.


The entire game is of nothing but being level headed. Right consumption at right time is what you need for desired results. Please do not punish your body by consuming inappropriate doses at inappropriate times.

The creation is simply great and may help you gain the best shape in the times ahead.

The cycle for dedicated bodybuilders

If you are genuinely focused on becoming a body builder then you would probably be kept on the following regime:-

  • 20 weeks cycle of testosterone
  • 12 weeks on Deca Durabolin
  • Trenbolone will be given for 10-20 weeks

Please avoid this cycle if you are a naïve. This mentioned cycle is for professionals, only.

Apply various permutation and combinations to find the correct one for you. All you need to do extra is to have an eye for the side effects.

Moreover, if you are conscious while consuming them then an alert mind will not let you experience any side effects. Increase the dose when you are adapted and acclimatized with some levels.

Time and again it has been suggested that you must go for post cycle therapy to repair the damage (biologically) caused. If you want good results then help thyself.