Five Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle


You’ve been working extra hard in the gym and at home and yet you still haven’t seen any signs of progress. While you may feel stronger and fitter you’re not seeing the much sought after muscle growth, why is that? There’s something holding you back. Read our five reasons why you don’t have the muscles you’re working towards to see where it’s all going wrong.

Five Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle

You Haven’t Been Training Long Enough

How long have you been training for? As a beginner, you can’t expect to see the remarkable results for a while. When starting on a brand new training programme the first results are not very easy to spot but you will be working on your coordination and teaching your brain to connect to your muscle fibres. If it’s only been a couple of weeks, you need to be patient and stick to the programme, it will come with time.

You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Building muscle isn’t all about working hard in the gym and lifting those weights. It’s important to change your diet to benefit your muscle gain too. There are plenty of muscle foods to add to your diet that are full of protein. Pick foods like chicken, nuts, cottage cheese and egg whites as part of exercise regime from You can also find plenty of supplements that could benefit you if you’re struggling to meet your new daily target of protein.

You’re Trying too Hard

Muscle only grows when you’re resting, so you have to take time away from the gym and workouts in general. Pick up to four days a week to dedicate to your training and make yourself take the other three off. Your muscles need time to rest to avoid injury and the fibres use the rest time to develop, resulting in that incredible muscle you’ve been working for. You could also benefit from reducing your cardio sessions, especially if they’re eating into your recovery time.

You Haven’t Picked a Programme

You need some kind of workout plan when you’re trying to develop your muscles. Pick a routine that will improve your overall strength and build muscle and stick to it. Local gyms often have general programmes available but you could benefit from having a few one to one sessions and having a tailored workout made to meet your own ambitions and current fitness and strength levels.

You Keep Cheating

If you keep cheating on your reps you’re only cheating yourself. Don’t be the person in the gym that is constantly stopping half way through the reps; push yourself to get those results. When you’re unable to complete the reps, try reducing the weight. If you’re finding it hard to remain motivated it’s worth considering hiring a personal trainer for a couple of sessions to push you. A trainer will be able to advise you on the best workouts for the muscle groups you’re keen on improving too and provide you with nutritional advice. Remember to focus on one muscle group per session too; the alternation gives each muscle group time to recover before their next workout.