What to Do if You Have Mobility Issues


If you have mobility issues, it can sometimes feel as if you are trapped in your own home. It can be very difficult to get around your house and perform even simple tasks. That can be made even more difficult if you have a home with more than one floor. If you have a multiple story home, you might be stuck and unable to even navigate up or down the stairs.

Mobility Issues

Mobility issues can be incredibly limiting and very detrimental to your quality of life. Fortunately, mobility technology has advanced to new heights, so there are more ways to get around your home than ever before. However, a lot of the technology for getting around your home is very simple.

Simple Solutions

Stability bars are some of the most simple forms of mobility equipment in Avon. Stability bars are the bars that are installed on the wall to help you get up and down, they are typically installed on the wall beside a toilet or on the wall beside the bathtub. Adding two or three more points of contact as you are getting up or down can make all the difference. Furthermore, a heightened seat on a toilet can increase your mobility because you do not have to bend as far.

Advanced Technology

Not all mobility technology is not so simple. Motorised scooters and tools for navigating stairs are very effective ways to get around. They offer you with the opportunity to move around, even if you have trouble walking.

The scooters that allow you to go up and down stairs are some of the most effective tools for empowering you inside your home. Typically, they are chairs that attach to a track that then powers up and down the stairs with little chance of injury. There are many other types of technology that can greatly improve your life.