What You Don’t Know about Rowing Machines Yet

rowing machines

Different fitness equipments will offer you different body benefits. The weight machines and the free weights will offer you strength training, the elliptical and treadmill machines provide a great workout for your cardiovascular muscles and rowing machines offer you a total body workout. A lot of people are still unaware as to what this machine does on their body. It is a machine that gives your body a great inside as well as outside workout. The following are the details of what the rowing equipment does to your body.

rowing machines

Full body workout Possible with Rowing Machines

One of the best benefits that you can enjoy by making use of this machine regularly is to tone up your entire body.

  • A rowing stroke needs your upper and lower body to work and this will help you to tone all the muscles in your body.
  • There is no doubt that rowing on these machines will help you sweat profusely.
  • Your arms and legs will need to work in tandem to complete a rowing stroke.

There are no shortcuts to achieve weight loss goals when using this machine. This is one of those rare machines that will give a good work for your entire body. On one full rowing stretch you will find that all the muscles in your front and back as well as your legs and hands stretch.

Cardiovascular workout

The machine helps you to enjoy a good cardiovascular workout and you will enjoy the benefits you get from this aerobic exercise. This activity will help in increasing your heart rate for a certain period of time and this way you will help in reducing your weight and to keep your heart healthy.

  • No matter you are pushing off your legs or use the upper body to pull the machine’s handle towards your mid section to stretch your legs, all muscle groups get activated and this will help in increasing the heart rate.
  • This is why rowing machines are said to be very efficient in burning a lot of calories and tones the entire body from head to toe. As rowing is done at a particular pace you can carry out your workout on the machine without stopping for a certain period of time.
  • You can also use this machine to perform high intensity interval training and anaerobic exercises as well.

Low impact exercises

As this machine can be used only in a sitting position, your legs do not have to bear your body weight. The exercise on this machine is also a low impact exercise. Rowing is an ideal exercise for people of all age groups and for people with weak joints. There will be no stress and strain on your knee joints like what you experience while jogging, jumping, brisk walking or running. This is an ideal machine to use for people with bad ankles and knees as there is no weight that you should bear on your legs. Even if you do not have any bad joints at this moment, there is every chance for you to catch it in due course of time when you are doing high impact training regularly. It is always better to mix the workout with a low impact exercise that you get from this machine.


There is no doubt that rowing machines offer great aerobic and anaerobic exercise, full body workout and also helps in burning calories and shedding fat. You are sure to enjoy great benefits by using this machine regularly for at least 30 minutes a day. Once you start using this machine, you will find that your body has toned a little bit within 10 days.