Regular Dental Visits Are Very Important For The Health Of Your Teeth


Generally, most of the people don’t have the habit of visiting a dentist at regular intervals. People only go to a dentist if they have any pain or problem with their teeth. This is not considered as a good habit as a habitual dental check up is required to get good looking and healthy teeth.

Regular cleaning of teeth is also required to maintain its color, odor and looks. The regular visits can be periodical say for every six months once. You can consult your dental doctor and ensure the health of your teeth, by following the routine.

There are two parts of regular dental check up. They are:

  • The check up process
  • The cleaning process

The Check up Process

The check up process may include checking your gums and looking through your teeth to identify if any cavity is present. Doctors also check if the plaque is present. A clear and sticky bacteria layer is called plaque. In case if you fail to clear the plaque, it will get harder and form as a tartar.

On checking through the gums, a dentist checks the space between your tooth and gum with a special device. The gums which are unhealthy will not look like healthy gums. The gaps may differ from healthy and unhealthy teeth.

The Cleaning Process

Continuous brushing can remove the plaque present on your teeth whereas removing tartar is not possible in home. Scaling process is used to remove the tartar from teeth with the help of special tool. After scaling, dentist usually polishes your teeth using gritty paste. This process helps in removing the stains present on your teeth.

After the cleaning procedure, flossing is done to check whether the areas sandwiched between the teeth are clean and clear. This cleaning process will also give you beautiful, stain free and glowing teeth.


The Risks of Not Visiting Dentist Regularly

The strength of your teeth decreases as you grow old. The enamel may not be proper, and your tooth is subjected to decay. You may not notice the decay when at initial stages, but when you consult your doctor at regular time intervals, they can diagnose it at earlier stages and prevent the decay from affecting your teeth.

The pain caused because of growing cavity may increase day by day. It may also affect your regular work by causing adverse pain. If you are not visiting your dental doctor regularly, then you may also suffer from gum diseases like gingivitis.

Being healthy is the best wealth everyone should posses. Being attractive, beautiful and healthy increases your self esteem. Smile is the important point of attraction to create a first best impression for a person. Keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful improves the quality of your smile, and thereby enhances your self confidence.

Therefore, to lead a healthy and beautiful life with absolutely perfect oral care,

  • Visit dental doctors regularly
  • Clean your teeth
  • Follow regular check up
  • Know about the condition of the teeth
  • Get feedback about your teeth.

Be healthy, Keep smiling!