Affordable Small Business Health Insurance


Many small businesses tend to struggle in the market due to the heavy competition from bigger players. One of the aspects which small businesses tend to lose out is attractive health insurance for their employees although the number may be small.

However, with Benecaid’s dynamic affordable small business health insurance plans, small businesses can offer their workers better incentives to accomplish higher productivity.

Dynamics of FlexFIT

One of the innovative yet affordable small business health insurance plans by Benecaid is FlexFIT. It offers fully insured health benefits with customization to fit the needs of employees as well as the business.

This employee health insurance is specially formulated to include traditional health benefits that is affordable to small businesses. Key features of FlexFit health plan include:
• Set premium amount with a guaranteed rate of 15 months
• Stellar services even with traditionally insured products
• Available for small companies with very few employees
• Scalable insurance plans to match company growth over time
• Flexibility of insurance plans for wider coverage

Dynamics of FlexSTYLE

Another dynamic Benecaid’s affordable small business health insurance plans is flexStyle® where business owners enjoy high returns on premiums. This is a very attractive group health benefits plan for growing businesses to enjoy predictable healthcare and insurance on potential costs incurred.

The flexibility of this insurance plan is its customization coverage feature which allows employees and employers to select their preferred areas of healthcare that best fits each insured’s needs. Hence, there is better control over potentially incurred costs without compromising on valuable required insurance coverage for one and all.

The key features of Benecaid flexiSTYLE plan include:
• Wide choice of healthcare coverage
• Customization of insurance plan according to needs and preference
• Payment on incurred costs by employees
• Return of unused funds to employer
• No surprise renewals of plan without authorized approval

Dynamics of BeneGUARD

Small businesses also consider Benecaid’s beneGUARD™ insurance plan as an attractive healthcare solution with plenty of benefits designed for individual contractors or approved consultants. There is ample healthcare coverage and protection for business owners or sole proprietors.

The key features of beneGUARD™ includes:

• Wide coverage on all types of unforeseen medical expenses
• Specially formulated for association members
• Customized product options depending on lifestyle of the insured
• Portability on coverage
• High protection on both predictable and unpredictable events in life
• Highly flexible plan with flexible funds for many eligible medical expenses
• Reduces taxable income through annual plan premiums

More Benecaid Options

Benecaid offers many more affordable small business health insurance plans which allow small companies to decide on the type of insurance coverage including:
• Single
• Couple
• Family

These healthcare plans by Benecaid cover:

• Prescription drugs
• Private duty nurse
• Semi-private hospital costs
• Accidental dental costs
• Travel insurance

The Benecaid Flexible Funds is highly popular for many types of healthcare including:

• Acupuncture
• Audiologist services
• Autism treatments
• Cataract surgery
• Chiropodist services
• Chiropractic services
• Dental surgeon services
• Dermatology services