Main Dissimilarities Between a Pediatric Dentist and a General Dentist

Pediatric Dentist

We all are aware of the importance of having regular visits with a reliable dentist so you can ensure your oral condition is good and there isn’t any threatening danger for your teeth health. Having a trustable dentist to have your child’s yearly check-ups should also be applied. These check-ups are better to be started from a young age, even if the teeth aren’t permanent yet. Unfortunately, many people think their children don’t need any specific attention and oral care because their milk teeth will be replaced soon. However, it’s essential to know many dental issues in adults are originated from poor oral hygiene in childhood. According to a pediatric dentist in Toronto, tooth decay is the most common dentist emergency seen among children, putting their oral and permanent teeth health in danger. But how can you take care of your child’s oral health? So the first step is to find a suitable dentist depending on your child’s needs. But the critical point is to choose a general dentist or pediatric dentist. They have significant differences that people aren’t aware of, leading to wrong choices. Here is a scientific comparison to inform you about your final decision if you are interested.

Quality of care

General and pediatric dentists are excellently trained to handle dental emergencies and traumas in stressful situations. They understand what to do and how to treat the dental problem which causes severe pain and discomfort for your child. However, pediatric dentists are more supportive and more skilled for your child from the moment of first tooth growth at the age of six months. They are also more experienced in communicating with children and know the common dental emergencies. However, some people prefer to choose a general family dentist who limits his field to children. But the superiority of pediatric dentists is undeniable.


A general dentist must pass the undergraduate education and years of dental school, which usually takes seven or more years. He’s qualified to manage patients’ most common dental emergencies without considering their age. But a pediatric dentist needs to undertake two or three additional years and pass the specialty training.

Advantages of pediatric dentist compared to a general dentist

Also, your child will be treated by both a general dentist and a pediatric dentist, and there are significant benefits of a pediatric dentist over a general dentist to consider.

  • They know how to take care of your child.
  • They know how much your child’s teeth are sensitive in different age stages.
  • They know how to make the situation comfortable for your child, so their dental fear will be removed slowly.
  • They have the professional knowledge about jawbone growing and shape in young ages which is the origin of many problems in adulthood.
  • They can help your child know correct oral hygiene and break bad habits like sucking his thumb or grinding.

Remember choosing an excellent pediatric dentist for your child is seriously important. So be careful about your choices! It’s better to know many children avoid visiting their dentists because of a bad experience.